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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system of healing that has been used successfully for thousands of years. Built on centuries of careful observation and clinical experience, this healing tradition is now receiving modern scientific recognition. In fact, the World Health Organization recognizes TCM as effective in treating over 70 different conditions ranging from sport injuries to the after effects of stroke. In addition, TCM can help you to achieve an active, healthy lifestyle.

In order to help people interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine get a better understanding of TCM ideas as well as know what to expect from a visit to a practitioner, I made a set of three factsheets.

From ancient wisdom to modern practice

I have written a series of diet factsheets for Chinese Medicine practitioners & their patients. These factsheets provide dietary guidelines & specific food recommendations based on common Chinese Medicine imbalances.
Try the online assessment questionnaire. This questionnaire asks many of the questions used by acupuncturists & Chinese Medicine practitioners in their assessments & provides lifestyle, diet & qigong meditations suggestions based on your responses.
For a modern perspective on Chinese Medicine, I have also collected links to some of the published research happening world-wide on the efficacy of acupuncture & Chinese herbs.

One who embraces the Dao has wholeness of character,
from wholeness of character comes wholeness of the body,
and from wholeness of the body comes wholeness of the soul.

- Zhuang-zi, Chapter 12, trans Lin Yutang

Chinese Medicine Dietary Factsheets

"We are what we eat." Our diet can either help us regain or maintain a healthy balance, or it can hinder us. I have written a series of factsheets for patients of TCM practitioners. A TCM assessment looks for constellations of key symptoms that fall into different patterns. Once you know what patterns are present, these factsheets provide dietary guidelines and specific food recommendations for common Chinese Medicine imbalances. As well as I have included a general factsheet on a vegetarian diet.

  • Vegetarianism and Chinese Medicine PDF (72kb)
  • Spleen Qi Deficiency PDF (72 kb)
  • Spleen Yang Deficiency PDF (72 kb)
  • Stomach Yin Deficiency PDF (72 kb)
  • Stomach Heat PDF (72 kb)
  • Kidney Yang Deficiency PDF (72 kb)
  • Kidney Yin Deficiency PDF (72 kb)
  • Lung Yin Deficiency PDF (72 kb)
  • Lung Qi Deficiency PDF (72 kb)
  • Lung Heat PDF (72 kb)
  • Liver Qi Stagnation PDF (72 kb)
  • Liver Blood Deficiency PDF (72 kb)
  • Liver Yin Deficiency PDF (72 kb)
  • Rising Liver Yang PDF (72 kb)
  • Heart Blood Deficiency PDF (72 kb)
  • Heart Qi & Yang Deficiency PDF (76 kb)
  • Heart Yin Deficiency PDF (72 kb)
  • Heart Fire PDF (72 kb)
  • Liver Fire PDF (72 kb)
  • Damp & Phlegm AccumulationPDF (72 kb)
  • Dampheat CongestionPDF (72 kb)
  • Blood Stasis PDF (72 kb)
  • Wind Damp Obstructions PDF (72 kb)
  • Cold AccumulationPDF (72 kb)
  • Music, therefore, imbues order & clarity,
    Our perceptions brighten, the Qi & Blood become calm & harmonious,
    Old habits change & transform, and all under heaven attains peace.
    - Yueji 'The Record of Music', Chapter 31

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    Music & visualizations are powerful adjuncts to health & healing. Learn more about Qigong music for your self-care practice & Qigong guided meditations.

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