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Qigong, Tai Chi & Internal Martial Arts

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Practice in the Park, in-person, drop-in classes

Five Animals Qigong (Wu Qin Xi)

Qigong for Burnout

Qigong Classes

Qigong for Burnout

Resilience Qigong: The Eight Silk Brocades (Ba Duan Jin)

Five Animals Qigong (Wu Qin Xi)

Qigong to Balance the Heart

Tai Chi, Xingyi & Bagua Classes

Self-paced, online classes through coursify.me with personalized feedback and coaching.
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Chen Style Tai Chi, Part One

Chen Style Tai Chi, Part Two

Xingyi, Five Element Strikes

Xingyi, Twelve Animal Forms

Jiang Style Bagua, 8 Postures 8 Techniques

Jiang Style Bagua, 8 Changes

Tai Chi, Xingyi & Bagua Skill-Building Classes

Coiling Power for the Internal Martial Arts

Yin Power for the Internal Martial Arts

Integrated Power for the Internal Martial Arts

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" Knowing others is intelligent. Knowing yourself is enlightened.
Conquering others takes force. Conquering yourself is true strength. "
Tao Te Jing. Chapter 33, transl. by S Addiss & S Lombardo

Qigong (chi kung) Classes
Qigong is a Chinese form of movement therapy that builds and trains Qi in the body. Sometimes referred to as Chinese yoga, the practice combines movement & mediation as a way to integrate mind & body. Because of its long history, there are hundreds of different forms with as many different styles to teaching as there are teachers.

Chen style Taiji is the oldest form of Taiji. It is characterized by slow, flowing circular movements that are punctuated by quick and powerful bursts. It is a tradition that integrates health, fitness and martial skill. I teach the lineage as taught by Grandmaster Chen Zheng-lei.

Hebei style Xingyi is a martial art that uses direct economical techniques & straight-line movements. Its foundation training is based on the Five Phases theories. I teach the lineage as taught by Di Guoyong, founding member of the Beijing Xingyi Quan Research Association.

Bagua is characterized by its circle-walking training & circular, turning techniques. The classes focuses on Magui & Jiang styles Bagua. The Magui lineage makes use of full body power to quickly build internal strength at the outset, while Jiang style trains coiling power to coordinate movements & generate power.