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East Mountain Online Classes

Over the pandemic I recorded a number of lessons to help students continue to practice. Here is a sample of these videos. I will aim to cycle through a selection of these lesson each week.
I have also included Paypal donation buttons with each section as a type of drop-in registration. Average donation is $4 to $12.

Qi Gong Online

One who embraces the Dao has wholeness of character,
from wholeness of character comes wholeness of the body,
and from wholeness of the body comes wholeness of the soul.

- Zhuang-zi, Chapter 12, trans Lin Yutang

Chen Tai Chi Online

First Routine lessons

Second Routine Lessons

Knowing others is intelligent, knowing yourself is enlightened.
Conquering others takes force, conquering yourself takes true strength.
- Tao Te Jing, Chapter 33

Bagua Online

Xingyi Online

James Saper R.TCM.P.

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