Transform yourself. Nice music helps.

Melody on the outside, harmony on the inside

Done right, music creates the space to amplify your personal practice. You are working to become calm, centred and relaxed.
You know it's already in you. Bring it out with music by East Mountain.
Music theories from both East & West have shaped these songs. Each song's key sets the ambient mood. The title suggests a visualization. The melody and modal scale resonates with one of the five channel networks.
Sounds complicated, but listening is simple.
Amplify your qigong, yoga and meditation sessions. Amplify your studying, your coding sessions and your dishwashing. Press play and find your flow.

Hear the song "Summer Sun, Passing Clouds"

"Five Landscapes: Qigong music to amplify your practice"
Five melodies for each of the five Chinese organ networks in the body. Each melody uses classical Chinese instruments and has three versions. A traditional version to relax and centre; a rhythm mix to energize; and an extended version for longer practice.
"It's so nice! The recording sounds really professional... and the music is very soothing."

"White Goose, Emerald Water"
Named after the classical poem, "Ode to the Goose" by Lou Binwang. This is a feature version of music commissioned by Radiant Shenti, a website devoted to creating a lifestyle of harmony, balance, beauty, and wellness

"Between Heaven & Earth: Guided Qigong Meditations"
An album of three guided meditations, each a traditional qigong practice. Comes with a set of illustrated pdf's for each.

"Channel Meditations: Guided meditations for health and healing"
An album of six guided meditations, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine's channel theories. Includes a full set of illustrated pdf's.

For over 15 years, musician and Chinese Medicine practitioner James Saper has studied acupuncture, Chinese herbs, qigong & martial arts.

For over 15 years he's listened to traditional Chinese music, noticing it's atmospheric effect. Deciding to make music for his own practice, he began to learn the guqin and set about composing.

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