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Integrated Power for Internal Martial Arts

Online Skills Building Class for Internal Styles. Registration details are below.

Not your typical exercise class

Learn the skills required for Integrated or "Full Body" Power. This is a skill central to internal styles like Tai Chi, Bagua & Xingyi. It's development is not difficult but needs specific training. With an understanding of Integrated Power, a deeper understanding of internal martial arts becomes possible.

The exercises in this session are largely drawn from Xingyi & will be particularly helfpul for students interested in this tradition. But because Integrated Power is intrinsic to all of the internal styles, these exercises are broadly applicable. And because they develop internal resilience, they are great as an exercise regime unto themselves. No previous experince in Tai Chi, Bagua or Xingyi is required.

Join this weekly online class with James Saper R.TCM.P.

Each week you will receive an email giving you access the a new lesson via on-demand video. On-demand video means that you can take the lesson when it suits you best & no additional software or passwords are required beyond your internet browser. While the classes will be pre-recorded, during the two months of the class you will be able to email me to get feedback & guidance.
Class dates: April 5th to May 24th (8 lessons)
Registration: $80 CND


Comments from previous session:
"I noted partway through the class, that I had actually started out feeling quite strong, and that is a very good sign. Thank you once again, for your knowledge, expertise and skill."

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