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Qigong to Balance the Heart

Well-Being and Health through Qigong

Qigong to foster well-being

This session will focus on Qigong movements to support the Heart and regulate all of its functions. In Chinese Medicine the Heart not only circulates our blood, but also houses the consciousness & integrates emotions. Each class will lead you though a simple qigong routine and include relevant Chinese Medicine theories.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the various emotions are not seen as either good or bad, but simply as opportunities to grow. For this, our experiences need to be properly integrated by the Heart. In this class we will explore this idea while practicing qigong movements to help transform the emotions and centre the Heart.

Join this online class with James Saper R.TCM.P.

This is a self-paced onine course, allowing you to start anytime and practice according to a schedule that works for you.

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Comments from previous student:
"After each class I truly feel centred and grounded, a feeling of calm that continues long after the class, with the period of calm extending with each class."

James Saper R.TCM.P.

Guelph, Ontario