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Chinese Year of the Pig Fundraiser [UPDATE]

To mark the Chinese New Year, over $300 was donated to
the David Suzuki Foundation's Climate Change projects. and Oxfam Canada's Creating Spaces Project

Chinese Year of the Dog Fundraiser [UPDATE]

To mark the Chinese New Year, I donated $300, split between
the David Suzuki Foundation's Climate Change projects. and Oxfam Canada's Creating Spaces Project

Trial Classes at Stone Lantern
Trial Classes at Stone Lantern
For the week of January 8th to 13th, drop-in classes at Stone Lantern are $10 with additional classes only $5/class. Try ouf trial classes in Chen style Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Bagua and Xingyi.

Year of the Rooster [UPDATE]
凤凰 Fenghuang
Over the month of January, to mark the chinese year of the Fire Rooster, I donated $355 to the David Suzuki Foundation's Climate Change projects. Wishing you everyone a safe and prosperous year!

Mid-Winter Open House
On Sunday February 22nd, the instructors at 42 Quebec are holding a mid-Winter open house. From modern dance to martial arts, people are invited to explore a day of free classes and demonstrations. 42 Quebec Street is located across the street from The Bookshelf and above Giovanni Tailoring. Classes and demonstrations will be held every hour starting at 10:00am and continuing to 5:30pm. Free Tai Chi class will take place at 2:00pm and a free Internal Martial Arts class (Bagua and Xingyi) will be offered at 4:00pm.

Year of the Goat [Update}

Over the month of February, to mark the chinese year of the goat, I will donate $5 for every appointment to the David Suzuki Foundation's Climate Change projects. This year I donated $270 to DSF's climae change projects.

Stone Lantern now on Twitter
Stone Lantern Internal Arts now has a Twitter account. Get tweets on upcoming Tai Chi, Qigong or Internal Martial Arts events and info.

Year of the Horse [updated]

Over the month of February, to mark the chinese year of the horse, I will donate $5 for every appointment to the David Suzuki Foundation's Climate Change projects. I'm happy to announce that $340 was donated.

Intentional Fitness
Free trial class, September 9th! This class uses traditional training methods for a balanced approach to fitness. Strength training, flexibility, core exercises and qigong are combined to build a strong foundation for internal martial arts and for general fitness. More information can be found on the Stone Lantern blog.

Clinic study with Dr. Wang Ju-Yi
For 2 weeks in May, 2013, I had the privilege of studying with Dr. Wang in Beijing. This was my second visit to see Dr. Wang. Recently he was officially recognized by the Chinese government as a member of the "third generation of famous TCM doctors". Many thanks to Jon Chang for acting as translator during this visit.

Secret of Effective Acupuncture Seminars
Building on last year's successful series, I will again offer a number of day-long professional development workshops. See this year's schedule here.

Year of the Snake [updated]
Comfort (© Copyright Shreyans Bhansali and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence)

Over the month of February, to mark the chinese year of the snake, over three hundred dollars were raised and donated to the David Suzuki Foundation's Climate Change projects.

Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Beyond
Stone Lantern Open House
Come to Stone Lantern's free open house on Wednesday, Jan. 11th at 7:30pm. The evening will include presentations, instruction and demonstrations of Qi Gong, Chen Tai Chi, Bagua and Xing Yi.

Dr. Wang Ju-Yi
In October, 2011 I had the opportunity to visit Dr. Wang Ju-Yi in Beijing. In addition to being an innovative and skilled practitioner, he is also a generous teacher. Since 1962 as a member of the first graduating class of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Wang has been at the forefront of modern acupuncture. His english language textbook, Applied Channel Theory stands out as essential reading for all Chinese Medicine practitioners. More information on Dr. Wang and his practice can be found on his website.

Eastmountain Professional Development

I have begun running acupuncture seminars for health practitioners. These clinically oriented courses are designed to help practitioners increase the effectiveness of their treatments. The secret of acupuncture is that there are no secrets. Only finely tuned theories that require a fuller understanding than most foundational course can provide. These day long seminars provide small group learning that is affordable and informative.

Year of the Rabbit [Updated]
Arctic_Hare (photo: Steve Sayles. Click image to see his Flickr page)
To mark the Chinese year of the Rabbit, over the month of February, 2011 three hundred and forty five dollars was raised and donated to the World Wildlife Fund's climate change programs.

Winter 2011 classes

Classes in Qigong, Taiji (Tai Chi) and the internal martials arts Xingyi and Bagua begin in January. Classes are held at the Evergreen Centre and at St. Andrew's Church. More information can be found here.

Chinese Year of the Tiger Fundraiser [Updated]

To mark the Chinese New Year, over the month of February
for every appointment I donated $5 to
World Wildlife Fund's TRAFFIC campaign.
A total of $383.84 was raised, which will go towards
stopping the illegal trade of endangered species.

Gold Needle Acupuncture

I now make use of gold acupuncture needles in my clinic. Traditionally found in some styles of Japanese acupuncture, gold needles are better able to strengthen the Qi when compared to steel needles. In my clinic, gold needles are incorporated in acupuncture sessions when their tonifying properities are needed.

On-line booking now available

You can now view my clinic schedule and book your next appointment on-line. Click here to book your next appointment.

Ontario Regulates Traditional Chinese Medicine

On November 24th, 2006 the Ontario government passed bill 50 regulating Traditional Chinese Medicine. The regulation means that all practitioners in Ontario will need to meet professional standards of practice, similar to those already in place in British Columbia. B.C. where I trained and am registered, was the first province to regulate TCM. This includes the full scope of Chinese Medicine practice - acupuncture, herbal treatments, Chinese-style massage as well as Qigong and Taiji. Two other provinces, Alberta and Quebec, regulate acupuncture but not the other aspects of TCM. Click to learn more.
The report by the MPP Consultation Group gives information on how the regulation will likely be implemented.

Therapeutic Heat Lamp treatments

The clinic is now equipped with a Far Infrared Heat Lamp, also known as a TDP lamp. These lamps emit infrared in the spectrum range of 2 - 50 microns, which penetrates deeper into the body and which is absorbed more efficiently by cells. The result is a penetrating heat that can be used to increase local circulation, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote wound healing. It can also be used to stimulate acupoints in the treatment of insomnia, dysmenorrhea and other conditions. Rental of home treatment units is also now available to allow for affordable, daily treatments. Call or e-mail the clinic for more details.

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