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On Line Chinese Medicine Resources

On these pages you will find resources to help you improve your health. Self-care is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and incorporates three main areas of practice; qigong/meditation, self-massage and diet.

In fact, these three can be considered self-care compliments to the three primary treatments that a practitioner would practice in a clinic setting; acupuncture/moxibustion, tuina massage and herbal treatments. Self care practices are generally mild but can be extremely effective in changing a person's state of health. In many ways they are considered superior to treatments like acupuncture, since they can be done at any time and can be actively included into a healthy lifestyle.

Diet Information

"We are what we eat." Our diet can either help us regain or maintain a healthy balance, or it can hinder us. I have written a series of factsheets for patients of TCM practitioners. A TCM assessment looks for constellations of key symptoms that fall into different patterns. Once you know what patterns are present, these factsheets provide dietary guidelines and specific food recommendations for common Chinese Medicine imbalances. As well as I have included a general factsheet on a vegetarian diet.

Qi Gong Meditations

Qi Gong is an important part of Chinese Medicine's self care traditions. There are hundreds of different types and forms of Qi Gong. Many combine movements and meditation and look similar to Taiji (Tai Chi). Another important branch is Qi Gong meditations.
I have recorded a number of helpful Qi Gong meditations for the website. Two well-known and very versatile forms are below. These are mp3 files with accompanying pdf factsheets.

Additional Qi Gong meditations are available throught the website's on-line assessment.

Three Centre Meditation (mp3) 11.4MB
accompanying factsheet (pdf) 128kb


Three Line Meditation (mp3) 11.4MB
accompanying factsheet (pdf) 192kb